Windy Acres Inc
Windy Acres Inc


Environmental Computer Controls

We use a enviromental computer which controls the heating and cooling systems to stage each level of heating or cooling to utilize our electric efficiently.

Recycling Our Water

One third of our water useage is recycled. We use a trough system that allows us to sub irrigate the pot and recapure the run off and decrease our consumption of water. It is collected an stored in large tanks.

Here are Cyclamen which are grown on our trough sub irragation system. 100% of the water used on these throughs is captured and reused. Also our computer system turns these benches on when they need to be watered.

Here is the gutter that collects all the excess water and brings it back to the tank.

Conserving Heat

In this photo the Curtain is being used for shade, but during the nights in the winter months they close to "lower the ceiling" if you will to save on heat. Also in this section we use radiant heat to warm the floor.


We heat the soil of the plants by using radiant heat, these tube carry warm water through them to heat the soil, there for allowing us to hold slightly cooler air temperatures, to reduce energy usage.