Windy Acres Inc
Windy Acres Inc

Our Farm Share Boxes



Windy Acres Farm offers a weekly farm share box every Friday.We gather up a box full of goodies from our farm and have it ready for you.We harvest the freshest greens and veggies available.We also add local products from the tri-state area to the larger box.We are also home to CAPE MAY SEA SALT CO.


We can add items to your box and now offer a PayPal option.Windy Acres is a cash/check market.


Pick up day is Friday, June 23rd from 10-5 or  Saturday 8:30-9:30.


Please specify when ordering.

Email your order:

We will confirm with a follow-up email.




Refer a friend and when they order a first time box you receive $5 off your next box.Looking for a delivery service? Get 5 people to order a box and we will deliver for free to one drop off spot:)

Harvest is limited.We will sub when necessary.




Pint of NJ Blueberries

Kirby Cucumbers

Roma and SlicingTomatoes

Red Potatoes

FL Lemons

CA Limes



Herb Bundle





Pint of NJ Blueberries

Kirby Cucumbers

Roma & Slicing Tomatoes

Red Potatoes

FL lemons

CA Limes



Herb Bundle

Ido's Finishing sauce-Great for grilling

Jar of Jalma Farms Jam




We can add the following to your box:



Windy Acres  4 oz Handcrafted Soaps-$6.00


Honey Bee-Cinnamon /Honey

Eucalyptus tea tree

Patchouli Garden

Cabin Woods-Cedarwood/Sage Clary

Citrus Fresh-Orange/Bergamot

Peppermint Detox

Christmas Gift-Frank & Myrrh





1 lb honey $10



Ido's finishing sauces-$9

Pineapple Pepper

Stone Fruit(peach)

Cocktail Sauce



Other Artisan Products


4 oz Cape May Sea Salt Salt Bar-$7

12 oz Cape May Sea Salt Bath Salt-$10.00

6 oz Cape May Sea Salt Tin-$10.00

3 oz. Cape May Sea Salt Grinder -$5.75

3 oz Cape May Sea Salt Smoked grinder-$6.00

4 oz Cape May Sea Salt Classic pouch-$5.00

10 oz Sea Salt Blends-

Chimichurri, Spicy Citrus or Spicy Horseradish,-$13.00