Sea Salt Blends-Grilling Rubs-Cocktails Salts Sea Salt Scrubs-Foot & Bath Soaks Natural Soaps
Sea Salt Blends-Grilling Rubs-Cocktails SaltsSea Salt Scrubs-Foot & Bath Soaks Natural Soaps  

 Farm to Fork Farm Share                 TUESDAY NOVEMBER 20th


 Welcome to our farm share info. Here you will find out  what we will be included in the box this week. Our farm share is a great way to meet your farmer and feel connected to where your food comes from. We will continue to offer a farm share throughout the holiday season.We are offering one size this season due to limited harvest and its ONLY  $20 each box!


How it works:


1. You only order when you want by Monday 8 am.

2. You actually know what you will be getting-The  Farm share link on our website has the list of this items included.

3.Email me and I will confirm your order.If you do not hear back, please message me again.

4.Pick up on TUESDAY 11-3:00( unless prearranged for a different time.)


 BOX THIS WEEK-$20 !!!



Brussels Sprouts

Sweet Potatoes




Sage Bunch

Windy Herb Blend 3 oz pouch